We produce 2 types of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: PREMIUM and DAILY. Our recommendation? Both. Daily as a healthy olive oil base for cooking and PREMIUM for use raw and as a finishing touch in cooked dishes.

Cold extraction 17º. The best of the best. The most intense and the one with the most features.  Ideal for use in raw or in all kinds of cooked food as a finishing touch

Pairing: With a medium-high fruity of green olives, where the aromas of tomato and the green plant in an olive leaf version predominate. The aroma of the almond predominates as a secondary aroma. Its passage through the mouth emphasizes a bitter and spicy flavor of medium intensity. All this gives it a final personality of olives harvested early.
Cold extraction 27º. The best olive olive oil of the day to day. 365 days of health and flavor  Ideal as a "healthy base olive oil"

Pairing: Fruity of ripe olives of medium intensity, where the ripe tomato has its maximum splendor. Accompanied by important green notes of fig leaf. It appears in the mouth with a slight bitter and spicy touch.


All our extra virgin olive oils come from the municipality of Quesada, Huesa and Hinojares (Jaén).

The flow and quality of the water of the Turrilla, Tíscar and Guadiana Menor rivers mean that the olive trees always have enough water. This factor is key to achieving an olive oil that is balanced in flavor and full of nutrients. 

Our production system: SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY, taking maximum care of each step of the process

 Ecological and biodynamic procedures to preserve and restore nature.   

 No synthetic chemicals. We use household inputs like manure and leaf compost that create a nutrient-rich mulching.

 Early harvest, at the optimum moment of ripening to achieve the highest quality.

 Olive oil from the first cold extraction to maintain all the organoleptic features of the olive. 
 Pick up the flight to avoid faulty flavors such as earthy or moldy. Those that have touched the ground are not collected.
 Packaged in dark bottles or BPA-free cans to maintain all the organoleptic features at a level of excellence.


This care is rewarded with a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil and very difficult to obtain. One of the features is the good taste and exquisite touch that it brings to food, raw and cooked, which makes it win important awards every year since 2014. The result of a job well done in harmony with nature. 

BIOL (Italy) -   EXTRA GOLD medal  5 consecutive years. 2014 - 2021

Competition dedicated to the best organic extra virgin olive oils from around the world. 

NYIOOCWorld (New York). GOLD Medal 8 consecutive years. 2017 - 2021

The largest and most prestigious world olive oil quality competition  

We are very proud of these awards because they signify recognition of effort, commitment, perseverance and extreme care at each step of the process. Every day we continue working with the same enthusiasm as when we started.
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