We are 7 friends who love nature and are committed to the quality of our EVOO .We apply cutting-edge techniques in the field of organic farming. Our maxim is to take care of the olive grove.

Would you like to get to know us a little better?


I started working in agriculture and livestock at the age of 8 helping my parents.

 Now the farmer is an applicator of synthetic chemicals, and agriculture is much more! You have to combine the needs of the human being with the requirements of the natural.

To continue with conventional agriculture is to stumble over the same stone.

I offer shelter to abandoned animals and they offer me fertilization, replanting… etc.

I have always been related to agriculture. At the age of 24 I decided to live where I had always enjoyed, in the countryside. Working with all living organisms at the same time minimizes effort to achieve maximum results.

From the city to the country: Nature has offered me the vital intensity that I was looking for.

After many years and after obtaining a doctorate in "International Economics and Development", I started studying different projects to get out of the big city and finally found an ecological project in Jaén that changed my life.


I work on the recovery of infertile soils due to conventional abrasive techniques.

Lover of nature and cooking. I did a degree in tourism and, after years working in hotels and restaurants, I decided to dedicate myself to agriculture. I started managing my father's farms and I found an olive grove that had been left without soil, with diseased trees and lacking nutrition. I had to study how to get them back.

 Now I use homemade compost to recover the fertile layer so that the tree is able to take what it needs from the soil.


Not a single drop of poison will ever be applied on my farm.

I have always been linked to agriculture and livestock. For financial reasons, I accepted a job that for a few years involved a great personal and professional conflict. I have been applying 1000 liters a day of glyphosate, MCPA, residual herbicides and other poisons. I have seen the direct effects of these very common practices: desertification and contamination of swamps and aquifers. I couldn't take it anymore and I quit.

 Now I am very focused on optimizing the machinery to obtain the best crop performance while respecting nature.  


I am passionate about research, I am always thinking about how to improve the care of olive trees.

I studied engineering until second year, but I left it to take care of my family's farms. I dedicated myself to modernizing it by applying chemical techniques from the green revolution. After the years I saw my centenary olive trees get sick. After months of observation I realized that I had broken all the natural structures on the farm.

 I decided to do it the other way around: to study what nature offered us to apply to crops. Now I produce more olives than when I had my olive groves "in conventional" and all my processes generate positive effects.

We have to learn to combine the cultivation of the olive grove with other plant varieties. They will benefit and help each other.

Since I was little I have worked with nature. When I left town I settled in Alicante and started a gardening company; I learned the meaning of diversity in nature. Plants that are now considered weeds are the jewel of my crops. And all I have to do is respect and know them.


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